VitalWall Hanging Pots



Our Patented VitalWall Hanging Pot System, this is our individual hanging pot style.

Each set includes:

  • 1 Pot
  • 1 Irrigation Tube
  • 1 Permeable Soil Barrier

Each pot is individually hung onto your wall or fence, either use the hooks to hang it onto a grid 1″ x 1″ wire backing (not included) or on a screw / nail in the central hole.

Water either through your top rows irrigation tube, or the soil itself. Each pot has a reservoir to retain 1-3 days of water.. Once the reservoir is full, the excess drains to the pot below and continues the cycle of fill and fall until the lowest pot has been watered.

If you decide to space your pots out wide distances, wind and environmental factors can play a part in whether or not the excess flows to the next pot.  We recommend using a piece of fishing line to create a tension path that travels from the bottom drain of each pot to the funnel of the next, guiding the water.

Re-watering requirements depending on environmental conditions – full sun on a hot summer day may still require daily watering.

Each pot is best planted with a low lying/hanging plants, crispy wave fern, string of pearls, all sorts of ivy, pothos, are some of our favorites.